SWF Player 2.6

A great free player for Flash files

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SWF Player 2.6
SWF Player 2014

SWF Player is a piece of media software that will let you play Flash clips even when you have no internet connection. Most modern devices have forgone the Flash format, and as such there has been an equal decline in its use on the web. However, Flash is still a viable format that many people want to continue enjoying. This app provides you with a portable solution to this problem. It acts as a full replacement for missing native Flash players, and the fact that it works offline is quite appealing.

One of the main reasons why Flash videos essentially fell off the face of the internet is that they had several inherit weaknesses that could easily be exploited by those with the knowledge and means. Many people have experienced viruses or malware that infiltrated their system through a Flash movie. The interesting thing about this is that the software itself and all the content it has spawned in the SWF format is quite safe on its own. When someone uses a Flash movie to get into your system, that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the Flash movie itself. The result of this exodus of Flash from the web means that a lot of people have Flash movie files in the SWF format that most other players can't play.

This is the main reason people take advantage of SWF Player to watch their Flash content. All the content is still out there, but there aren't any browsers that come with native Flash players capable of playing that content. Even if there were native Flash players still included with web browsers, it would be difficult to use the browser to watch files on your home system.

The aesthetics of the player are below par by a fair margin, but that's a purposeful choice that limits the size of the file and the time it takes to install on a new system. This is why the software is considered so portable. Of course, this small size also comes at the cost of any additional features that perform advanced functions. You could argue the unpleasant appearance of the app is another cost, but it's negligible at best and disappointing at worst.

There are a few reasons why SWF Player isn't that popular despite all the Flash content out there. Dedicated Flash players are becoming extinct, and their functionality is being absorbed by top-tier media players that are compatible with dozens upon dozens of formats. This player has one main selling point, which is its incredibly small size and fast install time. Beyond that, the software is unfashionable, has limited options, and is restricted to playing the SWF format. If you have a large number of SWF files, and you want the freedom to remain portable, SWF Player is a good choice.


  • Functionally Portable
  • Plays Flash Files
  • Small, Fast App


  • Mediocre Interface
  • Only Plays SWF Format
  • Limited Options

SWF Player allows users to play files with the .swf format. This specific extension is commonly seen and used when loading and distributing flash videos. The .swf file is an optimization of the initial .fla file which houses all the images and sounds used in an animation. However, the .fla file is usually much bigger and too bulky for uploads. As such, people often utilize .swf files in order to efficiently and smoothly play flash movies. This makes SWF Player an absolute necessity for anyone working with flash or for anyone that enjoys making flash movies!

The SWF Player Program and its Functionalities

In a technological age where many programs and features are swept into obsolescence and obscurity within a couple of years, it is not unusual to see once formerly popular and robust platforms fall out of use. Transitions between old and new platforms are often seamless. However, one of the exceptions to this is the relatively archaic and slowly declining Flash platform. Though Flash movies are being swept under the rug as a entertainment medium of the past, many users and animators still hold Flash dear and are currently producing very elaborate and beautiful works of animation. Consider Newgrounds, a popular entertainment site that is still going strong despite its complete dependence on user content created from the Flash platform. Once in a while, a user might desire to see a Flash movie but find themselves unable to access the file. SWF Player solves this problem.

With its simple and minimalistic design, SWF Player shows the user a near frame-by-frame interpretation of a SWF file. Users can pause at any juncture in the film and go slowly in order to see the dynamics surrounding an animated element of the production. SWF Player gives users the basic set of cinematic buttons: play, fast forward, rewind and so forth. SWF Player even allows the user to loop the animation between two specified times with its loop function. One simply needs to click the check-box to affirm a loop. This functionality is especially useful as it allows animation students to gain insight into how certain actions are animated and performed through a continuous repeated review of the movements. SWF Player not only allows users to view certain flash files with the unfamiliar and esoteric extension, but also grants them the ability to closely analyze and assess a certain segment of animation should they find themselves curious.

SWF Player is a clear, plain, and uncomplicated solution to a common problem. It functions and fulfills its stated purpose largely to the letter. Download it today to begin viewing SWFs as you've never seen them before!


  • Allows you to view .swf files.
  • Cinematic buttons make the .swf file more accessible than if it were just playing on a site.
  • Looping parts of the .swf is a feature.


  • Simplistic and minimal.
  • Doesn't measure up to professional demands.

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